Team Truculent commonly known as TT9 Esports, based in the United Kingdom, unites 90 thousand fans under their brand. Represented in Rainbow Six Siege & Fortnite, TT9 unites players across the globe. TT9 Esports is not only a brand but a family striving to grow and be successful.ย 

TT9 Esports was founded in 2018 by Oliver Burton. Initially it was a project between friends who had always dreamed of being part of a big Esports team, but this suddenly changed with the arrival of 2020 and it was time for Team Truculent to take a new course. On that day, the TT9 Esports we know today was born. A team that has united the best athletes from England and the rest of Europe; always striving to become better. By the end of the year, the management associated with TT9 Esports had changed a lot. From pure English management, the team changed to an international management of English and German individuals. After numerous successes in Fortnite, on January 12th, 2021 it was time for the next step. TT9 Esports dared the first step in the direction of Multi-Gaming. With the game title Rainbow Six Siege, the team had its first ‘First Person Shooter’ in its repertoire.ย 

March 31st, the time had come. TT9 Esports announced their TT9 2.0 Project. In this project, the team wants to take another step forward. They not only got a new logo, but a new identity.