Serhat Promotion

UK Multi-Gaming team TT9 Esports have announced that they have promoted 19-year-old German-based player “Serhat” to the main roster.

The current movement of Serhat to TT9s Pro Roster has been decided by higher authorities and the Fortnite Managers. Serhat has shown impressive improvements in both in-game and on his social platforms. In the 6th Season of the Fortnite Champion series, he was able to qualify to the Semi-Finals, not only that Serhat has been placing consistently in Cash cups to be able to secure money.

In regards to Serhats social media platforms, he has obtained an average view of 305 people per stream. He has had an elevation of followers per hour on twitch by an additional 235%. Moreover, Serhat has seen a boost all around his Instagram, YouTube and Twitter platforms.

Serhat’s motivation and passion towards the success of his esports career has been seen among both his personality and his current achievements. He has been able to provide TT9 with what has been asked for and has had a positive attitude to all members and staff in the organisation.

TT9 are sure of seeing an impressive improvement with the German-based player where they both will work for the same objective.